Idioms beginning with K

  • Kangaroo Court

    Meaning: A court of law where proper procedures are not followed at all; a sham judicial proceeding

  • Keep (Something) at Bay

    Meaning: Maintain a distance from something or someone

  • Keep a Stiff Upper Lip

    Meaning: Control one’s emotions; not give in to fear or grief

  • Keep an Eye On

    Meaning: To keep an eye on something or someone is to watch it periodically, to keep it under surveillance.

  • Keep an Eye Peeled

    Meaning: Be observant; watch out for something

  • Keep It Under Your Hat

    Meaning: Don’t tell anyone; don’t reveal this secret

  • Keep Someone at Arm’s Length

    Meaning: Avoid close interaction or cooperation

  • Keep Your Nose Clean

    Meaning: Avoid trouble or situations that compromise one’e honesty

  • Keep Your Powder Dry

    Meaning: Do not attack until you are ready.

  • Keeping One’s Nose to the Grindstone

    Meaning: Working hard on something repetitive or tedious

  • Kick Ass, Kick Butt

    Meaning: A) Defeat badly, B) be excellent or highly effective

  • Kick the Bucket

    Meaning: To die

  • Kick the Can Down the Road

    Meaning: Postpone an important decision

  • Kill a Fly With an Elephant Gun

    Meaning: Approach a problem with excessive measures

  • Kill Two Birds with One Stone

    Meaning: Act in such a way as to produce two desirable effects

  • Kill Two Birds with One Stone

    Meaning: Solve two problems with one move

  • Kill the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

    Meaning: To destroy a source of ongoing profits or benefits

  • Kink in One’s Neck

    Meaning: A cramp in one’s neck that causes pain

  • King of the Hill

    Meaning: At the top of one’s field; the most influential person in a given field or area

  • Kiss and Make Up

    Meaning: Make peace after an argument

  • Kith and Kin

    Meaning: Family (collectively)

  • Knock on Wood; Touch Wood

    Meaning: Let’s hope I have good luck or continue to have good luck.

  • Knock Some Sense Into

    Meaning: To beat someone in order to teach him/her a lesson. May be used figuratively.

  • Knock Someone’s Socks Off

    Meaning: Amaze someone

  • Knock Up

    Meaning: To impregnate a woman. Often used in the form knocked up.

  • Knockout

    Meaning: An extremely beautiful woman

  • Know (Something) Like the Back of One’s Hand

    Meaning: To be very familiar with something, especially an area