Idioms beginning with L

  • Larger Than Life

    Meaning: Conveying a sense of greatness, imposing

  • Last But Not Least

    Meaning: What I have just said does not reflect a ranking in importance.

  • Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Meaning: Laughing a lot is a very effective means of recovering from physical or mental injury

  • Learn the Ropes

    Meaning: Become more familiar with a job or field of endeavor; be trained

  • Leave Someone in the Lurch

    Meaning: Abandon someone in a difficult situation

  • Lend an Ear

    Meaning: Listen

  • Let Bygones Be Bygones

    Meaning: Agree to forget about a past conflict

  • Let Bygones Be Bygones

    Meaning: Agree to forget about a past conflict

  • Let Off Steam

    Meaning: To express anger and frustration in a way that does no damage

  • Let One’s Hair Down

    Meaning: To relax and enjoy themselves.

  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Meaning: To avoid stirring up a problem; to leave things alone

  • Let the Cat Out of the Bag

    Meaning: Reveal a secret, usually a secret you or others are trying to keep

  • Let the Genie Out of the Bottle

    Meaning: Reveal something hitherto suppressed

  • Letter of the Law

    Meaning: The explicit meaning of a law, as opposed to the spirit of the law, the law’s general intention

  • Lick One’s Wounds

    Meaning: Rest after a bad defeat

  • Life is A Bowl of Cherries

    Meaning: Life is wonderful or very pleasant

  • Light a Fire Under Someone

    Meaning: Inspire someone to work very hard

  • Light at the End of the Tunnel

    Meaning: A sign of hope after a long period of difficulties

  • Like a Kid in a Candy Store

    Meaning: To be so excited about one’s surroundings that one acts in a childlike or silly way

  • Like a Moth to a Flame

    Meaning: Drawn to something or someone despite the dangers

  • Like Father, Like Son

    Meaning: Sons inherit their fathers’ traits and preferences, often even without realizing it.

  • Like Shooting

    Meaning: Fish in a Barrel Very easy

  • Like Taking Candy from a Baby

    Meaning: Very easy

  • Like Two Peas in a Pod

    Meaning: Bearing a strong resemblance

  • Like The Cat That Got The Cream

    Meaning: Looking particularly self-satisfied, often to the annoyance of others

  • Lion’s Den

    Meaning: Any dangerous or frightening place.

  • Lion’s Share

    Meaning: The largest part of something

  • Live Large

    Meaning: Have a luxurious lifestyle

  • Living in Cloud Cuckooland

    Meaning: Having unrealistic or foolish beliefs or plans.

  • Living on Borrowed Time

    Meaning: Following an illness or near-death experience, may people believe they have cheated death

  • Living Under a Rock

    Meaning: Ignorant of important events. Usually used as a question,Have you been living under a rock?

  • Loaded for Bear

    Meaning: Prepared for problems, well prepared for a challenge

  • Loan Shark

    Meaning: A predatory lender; one who makes high-interest loans to desperate people

  • Lock Horns

    Meaning: To lock horns is to argue, to come into conflict.

  • Long Shot

    Meaning: Something with little chance of success

  • Look the Other Way

    Meaning: Take no notice of violations of laws or rules, unofficially condone something

  • Look What the Cat Dragged In

    Meaning: Someone unwelcome has arrived.

  • Loose Cannon

    Meaning: Someone out of control; someone who speaks or acts recklessly

  • Lose It

    Meaning: To suddenly become unable to behave or think in a sensible way

  • Lose One’s Touch

    Meaning: Suffer a decline in one’s skill at doing something

  • Lose Touch

    Meaning: To fall out of contact

  • Lose the Thread

    Meaning: Be unable to follow someone’s reasoning

  • Love at First Sight

    Meaning: Falling in love with somebody the first time you see them

  • Love Rat

    Meaning: Somebody who cheats on his/her partner

  • Love Someone With All of One’s Heart And Soul

    Meaning: To love someone completely

  • Lower the Boom

    Meaning: Implement a punishment; reprimand severely

  • Low-Hanging Fruit

    Meaning: Easy parts of a task; solutions easy to obtain