Idioms beginning with D

  • Da Man (Slang)

    Meaning: An accomplished or skillful person. Generally used in the compliment

  • Dance to Someone’s Tune

    Meaning: Consistently follow someone’s directions or influence

  • Dance with the Devil

    Meaning: Knowingly do something immoral

  • Dark Horse

    Meaning: A surprise candidate or competitor, especially one who comes from behind to make a strong showing

  • Darken Someone’s Door (Step)

    Meaning: Make an unwanted visit to someone’s home

  • Dead Ahead

    Meaning: Directly ahead, either in a literal or a figurative sense

  • Dead as the Dodo

    Meaning: Completely extinct; totally gone

  • Dead Eye

    Meaning: A good shooter, a good marksman

  • Dead Heat

    Meaning: An exact tie in a race or competition

  • Dead of Winter

    Meaning: The coldest, darkest part of winter

  • Dead ringer

    Meaning: Very similar in appearance

  • Dead Run

    Meaning: Running as fast as possible

  • Dead Shot

    Meaning: A good shooter, a good marksman

  • Deep Pockets

    Meaning: The new owner has deep pockets, so fans are hoping the football team will improve next year with new players

  • Deliver the Goods

    Meaning: Provide what is expected

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Meaning: Someone who argues a point not out of conviction, but in order to air various points of view

  • Dirty Look

    Meaning: A facial manner that signifies disapproval

  • Do 12-Ounce Curls

    Meaning: Drink beer

  • Dodge a Bullet

    Meaning: To narrowly escape disaster

  • Doesn’t Amount to a Hill of Beans

    Meaning: Is unimportant, is negligible

  • Dog Days of the Summer

    Meaning: The hottest day of summer

  • Dog in the Manger

    Meaning: A person who prevents others from using something, even though the person himself or herself does not want it

  • Dog-and-Pony Show

    Meaning: A flashy presentation, often in a marketing context

  • Dog-Eat-Dog

    Meaning: Intensely competitive

  • Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

    Meaning: Don’t be deceived by looks; don’t rely on looks when judging someone or something

  • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

    Meaning: Don’t worry about minor things.

  • Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

    Meaning: Do not question the value of a gift. The expression comes from the practice of determining the age and health of a horse by looking at its teeth.

  • Double-Dip

    Meaning: Improperly get income from two different sources

  • Double-Edged Sword

    Meaning: Something that can be helpful or harmful; something beneficial that also has a downside

  • Down in the Dumps

    Meaning: Depressed, sad

  • Down the Road

    Meaning: In the future (in your lifetime)

  • Drag One’s Feet (or Heels)

    Meaning: To do something reluctantly and slowly

  • Drag Your Feet

    Meaning: Do something very reluctantly; delay doing something

  • Drain the Lizard

    Meaning: Urinate

  • Draw a Blank

    Meaning: Be unable to remember something

  • Draw a Line in the Sand

    Meaning: Issue an ultimatum; specify an absolute limit in a conflict

  • Draw a Line Under (Something)

    Meaning: To conclude something and move on to something else

  • Draw a Long Bow

    Meaning: Exaggerate, lie

  • Draw the Line

    Meaning: To set a limit to what one will accept

  • Dressed Up to the Nines

    Meaning: Someone is wearing very smart or glamorous clothes

  • Drink the Kool-Aid

    Meaning: Accept a set of ideas uncritically, often dangerous ones

  • Drive a Hard Bargain

    Meaning: To arrange a transaction so that it benefits oneself.

  • Drive a Hard Bargain

    Meaning: To negotiate effectively

  • Drive a Wedge Between

    Meaning: Try to split factions of a united group by introducing an issue on which they disagree

  • Drive Someone Up the Wall

    Meaning: Deeply irritate someone

  • Drop a Line

    Meaning: To write a letter or send an email

  • Drop the Ball

    Meaning: Fail to fulfill one’s responsibilities; make a mistake

  • Dry Run

    Meaning: A practice execution of a procedure

  • Dutch Courage

    Meaning: Alcohol drunk with the intention of working up the nerve to do something

  • Dutch Uncle

    Meaning: A highly critical person

  • Dyed-In-The-Wool (adj.)

    Meaning: Consistent in an affiliation or opinion over a long period; inveterate