Idioms beginning with I

  • I Wouldn’t Put It Past (Someone)

    Meaning: I think it’s quite possible that [this person] would do this.

  • If It Had Been a Snake, It Would Have Bitten Me

    Meaning: It was very obvious, but I missed it.

  • If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

    Meaning: If this description of you is accurate, accept it.

  • I’m All Ears

    Meaning: You have my attention, so you should talk

  • In a Fog

    Meaning: Confused, not mentally alert

  • In a Heartbeat

    Meaning: Immediately. This is especially used in hypothetical situations

  • In a Jam

    Meaning: In need of help, in a difficult spot

  • In a New York Minute

    Meaning: Very quickly

  • In a Nutshell

    Meaning: Expressed in a few words

  • In a Pickle

    Meaning: In need of help, in a difficult spot

  • In a Rut

    Meaning: Confined by routine, bored and seeking new experiences

  • In Broad Daylight

    Meaning: When something occurs in broad daylight, it means the event is clearly visible

  • In Clover

    Meaning: Benefiting from a positive financial situation

  • In For a Penny, In for a Pound

    Meaning: Committed to something even though the risks are increasing

  • In Full Swing

    Meaning: When something, such as an event, gets into full swing, it is at its busiest or liveliest time.

  • In His Cups

    Meaning: Drunk

  • In Hot Water

    Meaning: In need of help; in trouble

  • In One Fell Swoop

    Meaning: All at once, in a single action

  • In One’s Element

    Meaning: In a situation which is entirely suitable, familiar, or enjoyable.

  • In Someone’s Wheelhouse

    Meaning: In someone’s strongest area of competence or enthusiasm

  • In Touch

    Meaning: In contact

  • In the Blink of an Eye

    Meaning: Quickly, seemingly instantaneously

  • In the Cards

    Meaning: Likely; likely to occur

  • In the Crosshairs (Cross Hairs)

    Meaning: Targeted for blame or criticism

  • In the Dark

    Meaning: Not informed

  • In the Dark

    Meaning: Unaware of something

  • In the Driver’s Seat

    Meaning: In a dominant position, in control

  • In the Hot Seat

    Meaning: Undergoing criticism or scrutiny; under pressure publicly

  • In the Interim

    Meaning: It denotes a period of time between something that ended and something that happened afterwards

  • In the Limelight, In the Spotlight

    Meaning: Receiving large amounts of publicity or attention

  • In the Long Run

    Meaning: Over an extended period of time

  • In the Nick of Time

    Meaning: Just in time; with no time to spare

  • In the Pipeline

    Meaning: Being prepared for the marketplace, being worked on

  • In the Red

    Meaning: Losing money; (of a market index) below a specified starting point

  • In the Same Boat

    Meaning: In a similar situation; similarly vulnerable

  • In the Toilet

    Meaning: In disastrous condition

  • In the Works

    Meaning: Under development; coming soon

  • Iron Out (Problems, Difficulties)

    Meaning: To resolve

  • Is the Pope Catholic?

    Meaning: Isn’t the answer obvious?

  • It Never Rains but It Pours

    Meaning: Bad luck and bad things tend to happen at the same time

  • It Takes Two to Tango

    Meaning: When something goes wrong involving two people, it’s likely that they share the blame; cooperation is necessary

  • It Takes Two to Tango

    Meaning: You say this when you think that a difficult situation or argument cannot be the fault of one person alone.

  • It Won’t Fly

    Meaning: It won’t work; it won’t be approved.

  • Itchy Feet

    Meaning: A person who has itchy feet is someone who finds it difficult to stay in one place and likes to travel and discover new places.

  • It’s a Wash

    Meaning: A positive and a negative development cancel each other out, so the situation has neither improved nor gotten worse

  • It’s All Greek to Me

    Meaning: It is unintelligible, impossible to understand

  • It’s No Skin off My (Your) Nose (Back)

    Meaning: The outcome will not affect me personally

  • It’s Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings

    Meaning: Do not give up too soon; things may improve.

  • It’s Not Rocket Science

    Meaning: It’s not difficult to understand.

  • I’ve Had It Up to Here

    Meaning: My patience is almost exhausted.