Fall Prey to


Be victimized by; be harmed by; be vulnerable to


  • I must admit, I sometimes fall prey to that myself.
  • The political crisis that followed the legislative elections of June 2009 in Albania showed all of us that this country can still fall prey to serious difficulties.
  • Another important factor is that people in many parts of the world are living in poverty and in inhumane conditions, with the result that they can easily fall prey to those wanting to buy and sell human beings.
  • Promised virtues fall prey to the passions of the moment.
  • Do not allow these people to fall prey to the regime.
  • Let him fall prey to the good nature of this city.
  • Inevitably many of them fall prey to people and situations.
  • I will not allow her to fall prey to them now.
  • This is how they fall prey to dangerous temptations.
  • What makes you think you won't fall prey to the next strand?