Sacred Cow


An indvidual or organization that one cannot criticize


  • Similarly, if we want to move sustainable development forward, we should no longer accept that the legal basis for draft laws on the environment or health should be the sacred cow of the free movement of goods.
  • For my group, the car is no sacred cow.
  • They have become our sacred cow.
  • In many circles, legalized marijuana is too much of a sacred cow to question.
  • Yes, but this is bad, and they are not a ‘sacred cow’ that cannot be touched.
  • The insistence on the removal of the opt-out at all costs became a sacred cow.
  • In paragraph G, on the other hand, a new sacred cow is to be found: that of high taxation.
  • For the future, the sacred cow of additionality will have to be revised under new programmes.
  • Mr President, Mr Commissioner, the tiger economies have always been presented misleadingly as the sacred cow of neoliberalism.
  • At present, as far as many Member States are concerned, the principle of unanimity on this issue is something of a sacred cow.