Abaci [noun]

Definition of Abaci:

calculating machine

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Sentence/Example of Abaci:

The height of the abacus is one seventh of the height of the capital.

The flowers on the four sides are to be made as large as the height of the abacus.

The abacus has a width equivalent to the thickness of the bottom of a column.

It is further distinguished by the use of the zero, which enabled the computer to dispense with the columns of the Abacus.

Our next idea would be to put a conical shaped stone beneath this abacus, to support its outer edge, as at b.

The more slender the shaft, the greater, proportionally, may be the projection of the abacus.

The greater the excess of abacus, the steeper must be the slope of the bell, the shaft diameter being constant.

We have hitherto considered bell and abacus as both derived from the concentration of the cornice.

Therefore, the more slender the shaft, the greater may be the proportional excess of the abacus over its diameter.

The smaller the scale of the building, the greater may be the excess of the abacus over the diameter of the shaft.