Abalones [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Abalones:

On these we stroll and gather abalone shells and empty sea eggs and other relics up-thrown by winter storms.

Emmie, grown very pink, had thrust Editha and Archibald Abalone under the table.

Disks of abalone shell with small openings to permit actual vision were fitted into the eye openings in the basket.

Incidentally, it is interesting to note that the Chinese consumed the abalone meat in large quantities.

Yet as each man rose again usually he had secured one or more of the large abalone shells.

The thought came to me that if I should keep perfectly quiet, the abalone might think his danger gone and loosen his grip.

They fasten a chain to the abalone, and it swims out and attaches itself to the under side of a shark.

The owner has established on a little cove a short distance from his house an abalone canning factory.

Both the exterior and the lining of the abalone shell have most exquisite coloring and are capable of a high polish.

Abalone soup has a delicate flavor, really superior to clam soup.