Abandonments [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Abandonments:

“We hope that the government does not abandon its investigation of disturbing and egregious allegations of sexual misconduct at the El Paso detention center,” Natarajan said.

Since 2017, five Alaska officials have resigned or abandoned their reelection campaigns following harassment or sexual misconduct allegations.

In 1985, they abandoned their classic recipe in favor of “New Coke,” which tasted more like Pepsi.

Merkel’s crisis management has been accompanied by her government’s historic decision to abandon its balanced-budget policy, suspending constitutional debt limits as part of a massive stimulus push.

It includes a mix of abandoned buildings and gentrified buildings, and has amazing restaurants and outdoor venues, and historical sites to enjoy.

Since as early as June, Tastemade, Trusted Media Brands’ Taste of Home, America’s Test Kitchen, BuzzFeed’s Tasty and Meredith’s EatingWell have allowed portions of their test kitchen staffers back into the studios they had to abandon in March.

Sempra Energy, long headquartered in a high rise across the street from the Civic Center, was moving to East Village and abandoning its space at 101 Ash St.

A good content marketing strategy will provide the flexibility to adapt to sudden world changes or important events that need commenting on without abandoning the original plan.

Most of the people abandon carts during checkout because the extra costs, such as shipping and tax, are too high.

Use dynamic remarketing on incomplete activities, and abandoned baskets.