Abandons [noun]

Definition of Abandons:

careless disregard for consequences

Synonyms of Abandons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abandons:

Sentence/Example of Abandons:

After an outbreak in Beijing in June, China abandoned its previous strategy of confining millions of people to their homes.

Today, Rollins has largely abandoned his pursuit of the bonus payments from Medicaid.

A lifetime after Stewart turned in her stepfather and was abandoned to his abuses, four words cut across the years.

Well 20 in the Midway-Sunset field was drilled in 1927 and abandoned by Chevron in the 1980s.

Shell’s experience in 2015, when it abandoned plans to drill offshore in the Arctic under heavy pressure, indicate what other companies can expect.

A website owner that is having too many 404 errors is signalling Google that they are not frequently reviewing their website or that they have abandoned it.

It abandoned its first try in June after discovering that it did not work as intended on iPhones and was only detecting 4% of Apple devices as a result.

It was widely used in the 19th and early part of the 20th century, but officially abandoned by the US in 1971.

“The risk of a second wave happening if all interventions and all precautions are abandoned is very real,” Flaxman says.

Follow up on abandoned carts through email and highlight your return policy to build trust and confidence with customers.