Abasing [verb]

Definition of Abasing:

deprive of self-esteem, confidence

Synonyms of Abasing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abasing:

Sentence/Example of Abasing:

I knew she would treat me with the same indifference, and only feel a wondering contempt that I should so abase myself.

Viewed from afar, the town seemed to abase itself in the presence of the architectural preminence of that monarch of buildings.

He had a foolish impulse to tear it down and to abase himself with a plea for pardon before the silent beast behind the bars.

Slavery, for example, is abase thing; but a servile mind in a free man is contemptible.

Violent language can no longer either exalt or abase any one.

Fold the arms upon the chest, abase the head, bring the eyebrows down till you have to look through them!

It is He that says, as of old, "remove the diadem and take off the crown; exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high."

To us the adventure said in no unmistakable tones: Abase yourself not before cooks when your spoil is at hand.

And then the degradation to which he had been forced to abase himself!

Never has a man so exerted himself to abase humanity and to deny everything that is good and right.