Abated [verb]

Definition of Abated:

lessen, grow or cause to grow less

Synonyms of Abated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abated:

Sentence/Example of Abated:

Over the summer, when the spread of the coronavirus seemed as if it might be abating, Augusta National officials hoped to be able to allow some sort of crowd on the grounds because fans are that essential to the Masters.

If you tell someone, “The noise in your factory is causing a 5 percent decrease in productivity,” that means something to them in terms of making the decision of whether to abate noise.

Elrich warned that if current trends in Maryland do not abate, the state or the county could take stronger action.

The feelings would come in waves, gradually abating over the course of an hour.

That pandemic, which abated in just over a year, differed in extreme ways from the coronavirus, making it difficult to compare the government’s responses.

Whenever I come up against Cupid, experience has taught me to retire deferentially, and wait until the love-fever has abated.

I saw what was coming as soon as the pain caused by the spectacle should have abated and thus ceased to sustain him.

A great principle had been conceded, and a great injustice materially abated.

The ground that we have thus far traversed is really one of a remarkable struggle, that has not abated even in our time.

As it abated a cold breeze sprang up that, striking our clothes, chilled us to the bone.