Abatements [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Abatements:

“The future does appear daunting, with the situation showing no signs of abatement.”

So there’s subleasing, there’s rent abatement, they can utilize security deposits applied towards rent.

Nevertheless, Kitchell goes on to recommend a massively expensive abatement project that is not based on a thorough inspection of building conditions, or a complete analysis of available documents.

Yet after every abatement has been made, they showed a strength of popular attachment to the Church which is very noteworthy.

The distress from his head continued for some time with little abatement, and naturally much affected his tone of mind.

If so, that is another difficulty in the way of making abatement in our demand, without their consent.

Here it may well be thought that the supernatural gift only took its appropriate abatement.

Nor will the close of the reconstruction period witness an abatement of this demand.

Towards noon the weather became fair, but with very little abatement of the gale and the sea remained equally high.

Everyone allows that he saved more cases than anyone, though he says it was the abatement of the disease.