Abates [verb]

Definition of Abates:

lessen, grow or cause to grow less

Synonyms of Abates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abates:

Sentence/Example of Abates:

Some reforms, such as government reimbursement of telehealth consultations, may be reversed when the crisis abates.

Targeted adjustments, elbows, needles, and electrotherapy abated the pain for a day or two at most.

The political crisis in Ethiopia is not showing signs of abating.

Producers say the company’s initial arrogance has abated as its strategy appears to be shifting from mobile-only unicorn to table-stakes streamer.

That interest eventually abated as buyers stockpiled enough programming to fill their pipelines for a time.

That supply-demand dynamic has abated somewhat as its viewership has grown over the past few years.

Equipment and testing shortages have abated in recent weeks in San Diego, according to industry officials and watchers.

It is therefore our duty, sir, to protect our principal, and we cannot consent to abate one jot or tittle of our rights.

An appeal by a member of a subordinate lodge from a vote of expulsion does not abate by his death while the appeal is pending.

He had a vanity easily lacerated, and he was now too savage to abate the ferocity of his forensic attack.