Abba [noun]

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The Spirit intercedes for us not in many words or long prayers, but with groanings, with little sounds like "Abba."

This one little word "Abba" surpasses the eloquence of a Demosthenes and a Cicero.

Its most northern extremity, the summit of Abba Yared, is fifteen thousand feet high.

Abba-Areka had been commanded to control the prices of the market, and to prevent the necessaries of life from becoming too dear.

Twelve hundred disciples, attracted by Abba-Areka's reputation, flocked together from every district of Babylonia.

To Abba-Areka was given the post of inspector of markets (Agora-nomos), carrying with it the control of the weights and measures.

And Abba still sleeps peacefully, and the youth like a tired child, and never stirs.

"Abba lies in here," she said, as she crossed the chamber, and the stalwart form of the Beydur followed.

"She and Abba saved my child, my Pearoo, and I would go through fire for her," was the reply.

Forder flung himself on the sand wrapped in his abba (his Arab cloak) and in a few seconds was asleep.