Abbe [noun]

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Like the Abbe Sieyes, Mr. Paine had completely mastered the science of government, which was in fact extremely simple.

He was a descendant of the famous Abbe de Camps, so well known among bookmen and savants.

A few more Abbe de Pradits, a few more newspaper articles, and from being an emperor, Napoleon would have turned into an ogre.

Abbe Stadler might well say to the stranger from Poland that Vienna was no longer what it used to be.

The Abbe Deforges, of Etampes, announced in the journals in 1772 that he would perform the great feat.

Dufaye and the Abbe Nollet worked together about 1730, and mutually surprised each other daily.

The Abbe de Gauvon had made me a present, some weeks before, of a very pretty heron fountain, with which I was highly delighted.

Let any one judge the contrast between my present master and the elegant Abbe de Gauvon.

The loss of my necessities immediately brought me back to Chambery, without having learned anything of the Abbe Blanchard.

All these recommendations, except that to M. Damesin, were given me by the Abbe de Malby.