Abbesses [noun]

Definition of Abbesses:

woman in religious order

Synonyms of Abbesses:

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Sentence/Example of Abbesses:

Heloise, abbess of the Paraclete, died; celebrated as the mistress of Abelard, and for her learning.

The portrait of an abbess is to be seen in the left-hand corner; above is a row of ten figures—saints, bishops, and holy women.

Bishop Fox in his injunctions in 1507 forbade sundry priests to hold any communication with the abbess or with any of the nuns.

A true mother in God the abbess proved, and a dutiful and loving daughter was Æthelflæd.

Sometimes the abbess was forbidden to take into the convent more than a certain number of nuns.

"He is here at this very time," exclaimed the abbess, fastening fiery looks on the count.

Frightened at her own words, Lorenza stopped to study the abbess' sweet and intelligent countenance.

"Show him in," said the abbess, encouraged by the new addition to the party being a churchman.

I was not long in discovering that the abbess had conceived a passion for me, and I became her too docile favorite.

Another young girl came forward in haste, and interrupted the discourse of the abbess.