Abbots [noun]

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Abbot was nothing of a courtier, and, indeed, no very pleasant-natured man.

The High Church party were then in the ascendant, and Abbot, from various causes, declined from favour.

Garnache took the Abbot by the sleeve of his rough habit and drew him gently towards the window.

Unbidden, the Abbot had gone forward through the great doorway and down the gallery that led to the hall of Condillac.

But the Abbot stepped suddenly to her side and caught her wrist in his thin, transparent hand.

The Abbot Guilbert offers three hundred silver sous for his ransom.

The Abbot of Ely bought an estate about this time, which was paid for at the rate of four sheep or one horse for each acre.

The Abbot there was nephew of the Prior at Niederwerth, p 69and had taken this opportunity to extend his quest further afield.

A zealous Abbot or Prior returning with his band of foreigners was often met by opposition and even forcible resistance.

A great impression he made, when he dined with the Abbot; he was so learned and polished, and spoke Latin so well for a Greek.