Abbreviations [noun]

Definition of Abbreviations:

something shortened

Synonyms of Abbreviations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abbreviations:

Sentence/Example of Abbreviations:

It is loose, pointed, flowing, with few abbreviations or ligatures specially characteristic of Irish script.

The following list includes abbreviations and symbols used in this catalog with specific copyright or bibliographic meanings.

Spelling, alternative hyphenation, and abbreviations have been retained as they appear in the original publication.

A full stop is placed after most abbreviations, after initial letters, and after ordinal numbers in Roman characters.

By or before 1631 several other writers used abbreviations of the trigonometric functions.

Aside from the abbreviations just cited Norwood did not use nearly as much symbolism in his mathematics as did Oughtred.

Abbreviations are admissible in notes entered in a book of reference, but not elsewhere, except in commercial correspondence.

Nearly all the rest in the second act was confined to abbreviations and changes in the poetry.

The following are some of the signs and abbreviations met with in German hotels catering for stranger automobilists.

Great care is taken that the spelling abbreviations and such details shall be uniform on all government documents.