Abdicates [verb]

Definition of Abdicates:

give up a right, position, or power

Synonyms of Abdicates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abdicates:

Sentence/Example of Abdicates:

After Republicans abdicated their responsibility to discipline Greene, as they did in 2019 after then-Rep.

Once one of the most respected agencies in Washington, the SEC and its younger cousin, the CFTC, have abdicated their role as economic policymakers by buying into the free-market fantasy that markets are rational and self-correcting.

Dying cells turn into zombie-like “senescent cells,” where they abdicate their normal functions and instead pump out chemicals that further contribute to inflammation and damage.

Don't you suspect an intrigue on the part of the King's brothers to get the poor man to abdicate?

"Abdicate or reign," said Albert in a low voice to the queen, who stood motionless and thoughtful.

Experience and reason are once for all made supreme, and henceforth refuse to share their throne or abdicate in favor of faith.

On December 2, it was announced that Emperor Ferdinand had resolved to abdicate his throne.

He had done well to abdicate, and were the crisis to recur, he would not act otherwise.

I will abdicate if they like, but I will never marry except in accordance with the dictates of my heart.

(p. 128) There can be little doubt of Napoleon's conviction that his offer to abdicate would be rejected by Alexander.