Abdications [noun]

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It was a shocking moment, an abdication of comedic responsibility in favor of a decision to paint Clinton not as a politician but as a kind of conduit for grief the show assumed was universal, rather than partisan.

Opening of the national assembly of France, after the abdication of Louis Philippe.

After the abdication of the emperor, he broke up all connection with the Bonaparte family, and separated from his wife.

Charles Albert, ex-king of Sardinia, died on his arrival at Portugal, soon after his abdication.

His abdication was signed, and doubtless by that time a deputation was on its way to Vienna to offer the throne to Prince Alix.

This pathetic abdication of all authority over her did not move her: she could feel only the outrage of his interference.

It was the promotion of this man that led indirectly to the abdication of Don Amadeo, who opposed the action.

He would send his abdication to the council, giving them the right to choose his successor.

He had put the deed off and off, regarding it as his abdication; but now it was done he felt more comfortable.

Safety lies in the abdication of the King and the formation of an inflexible council of regents.