Abdomens [noun]

Definition of Abdomens:

the stomach and area directly below in an animate being

Synonyms of Abdomens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abdomens:


Sentence/Example of Abdomens:

Others saw a hole in a toad’s abdomen with their teeth, shove their heads in and gorge on organs and tissues — while the amphibian is still alive.

Hayward was drive-stunned twice in the abdomen and once in the thigh.

The other was in stable condition with an injury to the abdomen.

Then there are the aptly-named bombardier beetles, which can discharge noxious and boiling hot chemicals from their abdomens when under attack.

At the end of that chain, Hox genes turn on to specify the insect’s head, thorax and abdomen.

The vagus nerve is a long biological highway that runs from the base of your brain through the neck into the chest and abdomen.

The body is very convex:, having the thorax as wide as the abdomen, subquadrate, with very convex sides.

The head and thorax are of the colour of the wings, their sides and the conical abdomen being rather lighter.

The Semangs of Malacca are jet-black in color, with thick lips, flat nose, and protruding abdomen.

Some slight injury in the abdomen, as from a blow or a kick, may precipitate an attack in predisposed individuals.