Abducted [adjective]

Definition of Abducted:

taken away by force

Synonyms of Abducted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abducted:


Sentence/Example of Abducted:

As rapidly as possible Jim told him how Jaime and his rascally comrades had abducted Sadie, and how he had followed.

Before the men who had abducted the Osage maiden could get their boat out of the little cove, Totantora reached the stern of it.

This is remarked because the Prophet, in works written against him, is charged with having abducted his wife.

Her hasty flight from Rome had been caused by the news, that Don Luis had found and abducted his son.

No, my dear child, it was I who caused you to be abducted and I will yield you to nobody.

He has been abducted, and only we know by whom, and where he is to be found.

We shall have to flee the country, and they will say I have abducted the heiress of Bourhill.'

As a matter of fact, how do you know that that young woman has been abducted at all?

That Inez--at this time--should have been taken from her home, abducted, frightened or harassed, was the sin unpardonable.

I have, as you have been good enough to intimate, abducted—to put it brutally—two ladies from the deck of an Atlantic liner.