Abductions [noun]

Definition of Abductions:

taking away by force

Synonyms of Abductions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abductions:


Sentence/Example of Abductions:

Kassab’s fiancée told CPJ in 2019 that no group had claimed responsibility for the journalists’ abduction.

The story of an abduction of the day throws more light upon the state of society than any number of political disquisitions.

Tharn was beginning to wonder what far-reaching effects this half-mad abduction would have on his future life.

She knew by this time that Jotan had nothing to do with her abduction; no hireling of his would dare handle her so roughly.

With closed eyes Adbor gasped out, in a few broken sentences, his story of death and abduction.

It remains to be explained how the hunters received timely notice of the abduction of Sarah.

I 'd have given her the benefit of the customs of the land she lived in, and made it a regular abduction.

The Count and his followers are evidently a little taken aback—an abduction not quite so simple an affair as they expected.

Besides, Sadie was back again, and that caused the utmost satisfaction, her abduction having roused the anger of the workers.

Mrs. Spencer's ugly insinuation, topping their attempted abduction of the evening, has done it.