Aberrations [noun]

Definition of Aberrations:

state of abnormality

Synonyms of Aberrations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aberrations:

Sentence/Example of Aberrations:

We will also be investigating any aberrations and issues in the mail-in voting process as we find them, and telling the stories of the people and communities impacted most.

Our current era of seesawing power is the historical aberration, and as political scientist Frances Lee argues in her book Insecure Majorities, it has reshaped Congress and made bipartisan compromise nearly impossible.

The city’s death statistics reveal an aberration, ProPublica found.

Even a thinking machine must have its moments of aberration.

But this easiness is only possible, in promiscuity, which is possibly a worse ill than aberration.

Nevertheless it would be imprudent wholly to rule out this form of sexual aberration from the causes of variability of species.

The spiritual culture of Greece an aberration of the amazing political impulse towards ἁριστεὑειν.

His instinct, which was stronger than his intelligence, told him that such an aberration was possible.

But even with that, the extreme aberration of Fenwick's mind at the moment is the only way to account for his not seeing her.

Otherwise, he admits, the temporary aberration he had suffered might have been prolonged to the point of positive disaster.