Abets [verb]

Definition of Abets:

assist, help in wrongdoing

Synonyms of Abets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abets:

Sentence/Example of Abets:

Invasions might even abet that, contributing to the success of a mole-rat society.

They may also have abetted the spread of influenza, which caused its first major wave of illness in Europe in the spring of 1918.

Persons procuring, contriving, or consenting, come within the words aid and abet.

Nature seemed to aid and abet Dinah, who, as Bianchon had predicted, gradually developed a heart-felt passion.

She that you used to abet in her quarrels with Mrs. Williams, and call out,' At her again, Poll!

All the better, my dear young lady, that is if you are willing to aid and abet me a little.

That is why I consent to abet a crime, and keep still about it.

Is it not positive treason to aid and abet the king's enemies?

We would, if we could, abet the duplicity of Mr. Worthing, and be accessories after the fact to the Bunburying of Algernon.

Mrs. Bal had lent Barrie to us, and without a woman to aid and abet him, it seemed to me that he was powerless.