Abetted [verb]

Definition of Abetted:

assist, help in wrongdoing

Synonyms of Abetted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abetted:

Sentence/Example of Abetted:

In this most recent escalation of a four-year putsch — abetted by some of the same representatives and senators whose chambers were attacked by the mob — we see the last few threads of Trumpism that were never explicit now made manifest.

At stake for the companies is whether the original plaintiffs have a case against them at all, for allegedly aiding and abetting human rights abuses.

That he would be abetted by Black Jack was almost certain, but fear had fled the happy heart of Freckles.

Ancient, and, unhappily, recent subjects of jealousy lead him to suspect us of having abetted a crime which our bosom abhors.

Thus abetted and equipped he came, after a taxi ride and a walk, into his grandmother's street.

By this time the ladies realized what the two men were after, and abetted the plan with all of their persuasions.

Whether you knew it or not, you've abetted a criminal in escaping from the law, and I've my duty to do.

The arch-villain of the piece was of course his scandalous progenitor, aided and abetted by a quite unspeakable crew.

The prefect of Strasburg, a German, aided and abetted the merchants.

Hugh of Lincoln at once excommunicated the constable and all who had abetted him.