Abeyances [noun]

Definition of Abeyances:

being inactive or suspended

Synonyms of Abeyances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abeyances:

Sentence/Example of Abeyances:

It’s unclear when lenders will end the abeyance awarded all of those delinquent mortgages.

Or were they merely orthodox through a more uneven balancing of their qualities, the animal in abeyance?

My own direct correspondence with Mr. Baxter is now about three months in abeyance.

Fettes, with various liquors singing in his head, returned home with devious footsteps and a mind entirely in abeyance.

Dashwood retired with Bute and the barony of Despencer was called out of abeyance in his favour.

Still, public feeling was so strong that by the middle of the century the laws had almost fallen into abeyance.

Just as well that elections had been suspended and bade fair to continue indefinitely in abeyance.

Doubtless the man hurls his thrift into abeyance; and blazes out with conspicuous splendor, on this occasion.

The beginning of November found its date still in abeyance, though he asked her at the most tempting times.

The Volunteers had deliberately left in abeyance controversies which the Labour Army wished to fight out in advance.