Abhorred [verb]

Definition of Abhorred:

regard with contempt or disgust

Synonyms of Abhorred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abhorred:

Sentence/Example of Abhorred:

We abhor forced labor and support the goals of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

She begins a liaison with single father Adam, who has avoided physical intimacy for a host of reasons, and whose career depends on support from conservative men who abhor women like Seraphina.

Hast thou utterly cast away Juda, or hath thy soul abhorred Sion?

He declared therefore that he abhorred the thought of a standing army.

It is but simple justice to the poor youth to state that he loathed and abhorred himself in consequence.

Her mother sold her at fifteen to young Henri de Marsay, whom she abhorred and who soon deserted her.

She knew that he didn't care a rap about the little squat god, but he abhorred untidiness—in other people.

Are our children to fall back under the abhorred yoke of the lay and ecclesiastical seigneurs?

They were so nearly at an end of their abhorred task that they judged it wisest to complete it in the dark.

Respect, however, was paid to the Acropolis; it was not abhorred as the seat of tyranny, but honoured and venerated as a temple.