Abhorrences [noun]

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He replied that he had no objections, provided she did not encumber the carriage with bandboxes, which were his utter abhorrence.

We can imagine that, as soon as a printed book ceased to be a great rarity, it became an object of great abhorrence.

It is almost impossible to conceive the abhorrence in which the cross was held in the early centuries by the Greek and Roman mind.

It was regarded with a loathing and abhorrence more intense than that in which the felons gibbet is held to-day.

The principal reason for abhorrence is probably founded upon misapprehension.

That would be to manifest the "cold" and "stern" self, which was to Corydon an object of abhorrence and fear.

There swelled upon her, 260 swifter than the Rhone, a tide of abhorrence and disgust.

Such is human nature, that some persons lose their abhorrence of crime in their admiration of its magnificent exhibitions.

This is the natural feeling of abhorrence and not at all religious.

He had a singular abhorrence of luxury, waste, and ostentation.