Abhorring [verb]

Definition of Abhorring:

regard with contempt or disgust

Synonyms of Abhorring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abhorring:

Sentence/Example of Abhorring:

He was a man of ‘great honesty,’ abhorring any deceit in the art he loved and studied.

Abhorring equally the toil and the degradation, he deemed it a duty to prevent such a fall, and put his hope in his uncle.

The Buckle had been Ronald's fairy godmother—yet his father did not blame him for abhorring and disowning it.

It is common to regard them in no other light than as a severe, somber, and pleasure-abhorring generation.

Both were unquiet spirits in the regiment, abhorring the monotony of drill and stables, and insatiable for leave.

But Rupert, "abhorring to countenance infidels in the shedding of Christian blood," took care to intimate his deep displeasure.

I should not trouble your excellency with this letter but that I am a humane man, abhorring bloodshed.

Abhorring these savage manners, we returned to our ship not willing to tarry longer in that island.

Besides abhorring family dinners, he objected to being reminded of the scene of the balcony.

This I would not be prevailed on to accept, abhorring to cover myself with any thing that had been on the back of a Yahoo.