Abilities [noun]

Definition of Abilities:

power to act, perform

Synonyms of Abilities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abilities:

Sentence/Example of Abilities:

The great abilities which enable a man to win and hold such a position as his fired my fancy.

Clearly his business abilities were great; his reforms were bold and drastic, and success attended his efforts.

Mr. Addison, whose abilities no man can doubt, was from diffidence totally unable to speak in the house.

John Dickinson saw the matter in the same light, a light which his superior abilities enabled him to portray in more lurid colors.

Mr. Alsop was thought to be of good heart, but unequal, as Mr. Scott affirmed, "to the trust in point of abilities."

She comprehended at a glance his herculean abilities, and the important aid he could render the Republican cause.

William Warburton, bishop of Gloucester, died; an English prelate of great abilities.

He possessed great abilities and learning, and published several valuable works.

Portland, with good natural abilities and great expertness in business, was no scholar.

For a pillar of the Church, Billy displayed rather amazing tastes and abilities.