Abjectly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Abjectly:

The critics were fulsome in their praise and the public was lavish with its plaudits, but I was abjectly miserable.

And Thyrsis, in great distress of soul, explained that he did not mean it that way—he apologized abjectly for his obstinacy.

Invitations to the place even for a couple of days,—for twenty-four hours,—had been begged for abjectly.

He laid one fat hand upon the shoulder of the young poor priest who kneeled before him, abjectly.

Such sentiments as you have expressed, properly conveyed to them, would make yours abjectly half the bourgeois of France!

This boy was abjectly terrified and had to be calmed several times during questioning.

There never was a more absolute king than Viggo, nor one more abjectly courted and admired.

To his intense humiliation he found himself abjectly appealing to the senior member of the firm of Thomlinson & Shields.

Abjectly he confessed the situation, which had in it enough material for a scandal to set the town wagging for a month.

In a moment Emperor dropped to the ground, and crouched abjectly at her feet, breathing heavily and trembling in every limb.