Abjured [verb]

Definition of Abjured:

give up

Synonyms of Abjured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abjured:

Sentence/Example of Abjured:

Mary treated her conspicuously as a sister; she refused, however, to abjure her Protestantism.

He was required to recant, to abjure the doctrines he had taught; not in private, but publicly before the world.

Two years later, Rosimont died suddenly without having had time to abjure his errors.

She did not, indeed, require Anjou to abjure his faith, but her demands virtually involved this.

No, my fair Olivia, let us never abjure love: even when the reign of beauty passes away, that of grace and sentiment remains.

Then he made it clear that he had resolved to abjure wine, and was only salving his conscience by a proverb.

Then again I would abjure and despise Genoa, that little corner of the world.

She would wash all the dust of these places away from her, abjure all manner of excitement and for once sleep peacefully.

What could have obliterated the impressions of his youth, and made him abjure his religion and his country?

It had been taken for granted that he would abjure his fealty to the king at the first tightening of the cord.