Ablest [adjective]

Definition of Ablest:

capable of performing; having an innate capacity

Synonyms of Ablest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ablest:

Sentence/Example of Ablest:

She is immensely rich, one of the ablest political women in London, and Jack is desperately in love with her.

Reverend McCarthy, one of the oldest, and regarded as one of the strongest, one of the ablest ministers to such a forsaken charge.

Robert Cecil, earl of Salisbury, died; an English statesman, the ablest minister of his time.

Mr. Grierson was, perhaps, the ablest witness before Parliamentary Committees the railway service ever had, which is saying much.

His Evidences of Christianity is one of the ablest defences of the Christian religion that has ever appeared.

The death of Harcla, the keenest and ablest warrior in141 England, did not remove the difficulties from Edward's path.

M. Boucher was related by marriage to one of the ablest editors of great theological works.

The duke of Schomberg, one of the ablest generals of the time, was killed, at the age of 82.

It was not till 208 that Septimius Severus, the ablest emperor of his age, could turn his attention to the island.

For I do see he is but a man of words, though indeed he is the ablest man that we have to do service if he would or durst.