Ablutions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ablutions:

Keeping the skin clean by daily ablution greatly aids in the escape of fluid during exercise.

He proceeds to the bathhouse to take his ablution, and thence to the synagogue, leaving the tailor all the while in his pocket.

Both bury their dead, and purify themselves by ablution in the nearest stream when the funeral procession is over.

An agreeable and efficient adjunct after ablution, which I have already referred to, is oil.

He poured it over his head by way of ablution, strove to rise and renew the unequal fight, and sank back feebly.

The morning ablution, if performed at all, was managed by pouring water on the hands from a canteen.

The ablution (ghusl) is the bathing of the whole body for ceremonial purification.

After this ablution she laid it on the blanket in the sun to dry.

After ablution give her the drink I ordered and in the prescribed quantity.

Ice water for his morning ablution was a new thing for David.