Ably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Ably:

Finished with a squeeze of lemon, the gloriously crispy, aromatic topping does exactly what I had hoped it would — turn a simple, healthful fish dinner, into one that is completely, crave-ably joy-inducing.

He filled in ably in the Week 5 win against Indianapolis, scoring a touchdown and amassing 93 yards from scrimmage.

Yet, as it was so ably reported by Lisa Grossman for Science News, the chemical in question, phosphine, is no guarantee of life on Venus.

I must again make free in asking the favour of your advice (which you have so ably given me for thirty years) on this plan.

The workman executes cleverly what the man of taste has designed ably.

ABLY has the same acceptations; he works, he plays, he teaches ably.

The Doctor has been editor of a newspaper, which was ably conducted.

But, when Orford had nothing to gain by doing what was wrong, he did what was right, and did it ably and diligently.

The baby ably impersonates Society with all its sentiments and laws, written and unwritten.

Edward was asked to name the preceptor who had so ably supplemented the course of the royal education.