Abnegations [noun]

Definition of Abnegations:

denial, renouncement of something

Synonyms of Abnegations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abnegations:

Sentence/Example of Abnegations:

But its voice was soon stifled, and its children were rewarded for their abnegation by punishment, martyrdom and death.

His devotion to you is the most beautiful expression of self-abnegation that I have ever met.

John Stuart Mill says that utter self-abnegation has been preached to women as a peculiarly feminine virtue.

In leaving France, I have made a complete abnegation of my life, persuaded that I shall never again see my country.

But, save in this entire self-abnegation and social exclusion, Mr. McDonogh had none of the habits of the miser.

Once that we reinspire them with confidence, we may hope everything from their courage and abnegation, which we all know.

It is difficult to decide what is meant by sacrifice and self-abnegation in this world of human subterfuge and self-deception.

She needed someone to listen, not to talk, and Mary had been trained by long years of self-abnegation to fill that post.

She seeks her highest satisfaction in abnegation of all personal desire, and in entire devotion to others.

His hand was on the throttle of sacrifice, and he seemed bent on racing the engine of self-abnegation to its last wheel-turn.