Abnormalities [noun]

Definition of Abnormalities:

being different from standard or norm

Opposite/Antonyms of Abnormalities:

Sentence/Example of Abnormalities:

He viewed his characters not in relation to other men and in normal activities; he isolated them—often amid abnormalities.

I hasten to explain that I do not mean any of the abnormalities and monstrosities of present-day fashionable life.

This, of course, is simply one of the abnormalities caused by the supplanting of love by money as a motive in marriage.

Except as regards late "abnormalities," we have now surveyed the whole course of totemic evolution.

This general description explains many of the abnormalities in freight rates throughout this territory.

The abnormalities of nature have no place in the world of great art; they do not echo the common experience of mankind.

If some other life is needed to correct the moral abnormalities of this one, then the indictment of the Atheist is justified.

Saliva: One of the most unpleasant abnormalities in defectives is the continuous loss of saliva from "hanging lips."

A man who deals with this type of patient needs every advantage which he can get, for invariably he is dealing with abnormalities.

Then, as natural languages are full of abnormalities and bad logic, let the student start with an artificial language!