Abolished [verb]

Definition of Abolished:

do away with or put an end to

Opposite/Antonyms of Abolished:

Sentence/Example of Abolished:

The intellect might be abolished so far as its participation in such an operation is concerned.

Congress declared the authority of England over the thirteen colonies abolished.

Then in the large parish churches the quartet of singers in the west gallery where the organ was placed had been abolished.

As the husband's rights to such an estate have been abolished in many states, we refrain from adding more principles.

This group agreed not to import slaves, wines or goods from Great Britain unless the objectionable taxes were abolished.

Death was declared an eternal sleep; God was declared a fiction, the Sabbath was abolished and religious worship denounced.

Who, by not observing the ordinance of Covenanting would practically say, that it ought to be abolished?

Antiochus commands the law to be abolished, sets up an idol in the temple, and persecutes the faithful.

Christianity, as one of its distinguishing features, abolished all forms of outward sacrifice, as superstitious and useless.

The Commissioners made no proposal that outdoor relief to the aged or impotent (or infirm) should be abolished, or even curtailed.