Abolishing [verb]

Definition of Abolishing:

do away with or put an end to

Opposite/Antonyms of Abolishing:

Sentence/Example of Abolishing:

By abolishing holograph wills, and rendering two witnesses necessary, a resort to professional advice would become indispensable.

This system was generally adopted, and was strengthened by an act of 1795 abolishing the workhouse test.

It was calculated that the new regulations, without abolishing the privilege, would increase the revenue by £20,000.

I concentrate my energies upon the abolishing of that evil, and I let other problems wait.

But more important yet, as a factor in abolishing crime, is the abolition of class domination and the prestige of wealth.

He began by abolishing the system of rewards for the capture of towns, and he forbade plundering on pain of death.

My fanaticism is, that I insist on the American people abolishing Slavery, or ceasing to prate of the rights of man.

This resulted in abolishing the most difficult kind of wars—religious wars.

At length one of them, Sheherazade, the generous daughter of the grand-vizier, succeeded in abolishing the cruel custom.

The effect of the decisions while not technically abolishing slavery rendered it innocuous.