Abolitionism [noun]

Definition of Abolitionism:

political independence

Opposite/Antonyms of Abolitionism:

Sentence/Example of Abolitionism:

The meeting condemned Lovejoy's writings and speeches, and voted that Abolitionism must be suppressed in the town.

Only one chapter of this large work is devoted primarily to the plantation life and abolitionism.

It is well they should emigrate, to show admiring foreigners the beauties of American abolitionism.

Previous to the war no class of persons were louder in their denunciation of Abolitionism than the clergy of the North.

The year 1837 is the culmination of the first period of abolitionism in Illinois.

A foe to slavery, yet for a long time he was not a friend of abolitionism.

I earnestly desire that abolitionism may lay aside the form of public agitation, and seek its end by wiser and milder means.

I think it right to state, that my views of abolitionism have been founded in part, perhaps chiefly, on the testimony of others.

Of this high-handed measure he now makes his boast in New-York, one of the hot-beds of Abolitionism.

But even then there were those who waited for the declaration of Garrison, the great pioneer of Abolitionism.