Aboriginals [noun]

Definition of Aboriginals:

person born in the country in which he/she dwells

Synonyms of Aboriginals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aboriginals:

Sentence/Example of Aboriginals:

The towns of the Pueblos 534 are essentially unique, and are the dominant feature of these aboriginals.

The thick-skinned, thoughtful and reserved aboriginals of central Mexico are most enigmatical in their character.

When that mode of dealing with aboriginals has been fairly tried and has failed, then you may ask your question.

By settling in the country, they make themselves the fellow-citizens of the aboriginals, and are bound to treat them as such.

When the island was first occupied by the English, the number of aboriginals was estimated at four or five thousand.

A man who could speak the language of the aboriginals accompanied our young friends in their visit to the encampment.

The aboriginals are rapidly dying out as a pure race, and most of the younger ones are half-breeds.

All four were of deep bronze complexion, and to all appearance pure-blooded aboriginals.

A young, dark aboriginal was coming toward us on the "street," driving a group of police aboriginals before him.

The police aboriginals were attempting to strike him with missile weapons, which the belt deflected.