Aborigines [noun]

Definition of Aborigines:

first inhabitant

Synonyms of Aborigines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aborigines:


Sentence/Example of Aborigines:

Just after the capture, an aborigine told his tribe that his death was at hand.

The untutored aborigine made a simple expression of a clear idea, and created beauty.

She is a girl from the neighborhood; that terrible aborigine Evelyn picked her up.

They knocked off supper, and all but the aborigine knew what it meant sometimes to go hungry to bed.

How that untutored Northwest aborigine ever took unto herself this Broadway chorus-girl name, Heaven only knows!

The lady aborigine of the golden voice, and the ugly husband of the peaked chin had a strange fascination for me.

One aborigine had been wont to emphasize his after-dinner arguments with a toothpick brandished fiercely between thumb and finger.

The noble aborigine had come to the conclusion that discretion was the better part of valor.

So in Porto Rico: not a man is to be found there to-day who is a pure-blooded aborigine.

Myall: An Aborigine living according to tradition; wild; any of several types of wattle trees (genus Acacia).