Aborts [verb]

Definition of Aborts:

stop or cancel something

Synonyms of Aborts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aborts:

Sentence/Example of Aborts:

If the NFT thinks the TAGSAM arm is coming down on something dangerous flagged by the hazard map, it will automatically execute an abort burn that moves the spacecraft up and away from the surface.

Because the abort was triggered just before the rocket's main RS-68 engines had begun to ignite, the delay before the next launch attempt may be less than a week.

I've tried my best to abort this big bug, but I can't find anything amiss.

After we took off and headed for Europe across the Channel there would usually be someone who would abort the mission.

Some appearances make me think that they abort by becoming confluent with the main petiole.

Continuous application of equal parts of alcohol and water night and day may abort it.

The bruised leaves are used locally in painful affections of the joints and to abort syphilitic buboes and abscesses of all kinds.

Cows during the first two or three months of gestation are almost sure to abort.

Psychic conditions have been known to induce attacks, and sometimes to abort them or even to cause their disappearance.

The mother may abort once at the third month, and with the next pregnancy bear a living syphilitic child.