Abounded [verb]

Definition of Abounded:

exist in abundance

Synonyms of Abounded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abounded:

Sentence/Example of Abounded:

Such scheduling oddities abound during the pandemic-affected season.

Either way, he’ll cough up a record amount for a sports franchise of any type, and the Mark Cuban comparisons will abound.

Concerns abound, too, about the danger to health, welfare and academic progress school closures pose for vulnerable students.

Practical tips for the home cook abound, and some of them were shared for years and then rejected.

With a country divided, conspiracy theorists abound and emotions on both ends of the political spectrum running high, it’s hardly a conducive environment to convince people to buy new things at the moment.

Workaholism abounds, fueled by amphetamines and other productivity enhancers.

The country abounded in excellent native fruits, and the mandioc furnished never-failing stores of bread.

Great tropical trees grew in wild profusion, while gorgeous vegetation abounded.

This strip of land from ocean to ocean abounded in disease-breeding swamps and filthy habitations unfit for human beings.

He spoke with much natural fluency, and his conversation abounded with a variety of curious anecdotes.