Abounds [verb]

Definition of Abounds:

exist in abundance

Synonyms of Abounds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abounds:

Sentence/Example of Abounds:

Likewise your Majesty will have shelter for his vessels, and a foothold in that country, which abounds with meat and rice.

This portion abounds with non-Chaucerian rimes, as explained in the Introduction, and is not by any means remarkable for accuracy.

Chalk is a very pure form of carbonate of lime, and where it abounds has been largely employed as an application on the soil.

A motor trip of two or three days through the moor itself would be time well spent, for it abounds in romantic scenery.

Though comparatively level and with splendid surface, it abounds in sharp curves and in many places runs along high embankments.

It is well known that Ceylon abounds in elephants, many of which are captured and employed for various purposes.

York abounds in historic relics, odd corners and interesting places.

It is scarcely known, says Prudentius, how full Rome is of buried saints—how richly her soil abounds in holy sepulchres.

However, the section abounds inPg 307 very steep hills, dangerous to the most powerful motor.

Ambiguity abounds everywhere and confounds everything; we are obliged at every word to exclaim, What do you mean?