Abracadabras [noun]

Definition of Abracadabras:

magic word

Synonyms of Abracadabras:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abracadabras:


Sentence/Example of Abracadabras:

Her only regret is that she has had to leave at home her Persian cat Abracadabra, called "Abe" for short.

It was as though a charm, an Abracadabra, had been whispered over Mrs. Sampson and she had been changed immediately into a rabbit.

But after an hour or more, Billys deepest voice would boom, Abracadabra!

"Somebody ought to say an abracadabra charm ovah it," she suggested.

And mumbling his “abracadabra” over the sand spread on a cloth before him, he took up his bamboo-stick and wrote therein––Khalid!

He rode his horse Abracadabra, and won the famous Guttlebury steeple-chase.

The Abracadabra amulet was supposed to be es173pecially efficacious in ague.

His Bolshevik abracadabra has seduced the workers of every race.

"All this is Abracadabra to me," I replied quickly, in fear of a torrent.

So he began his abracadabra, but Sunday came and Sunday passed, and no John appeared.