Abrading [verb]

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A bar of steel having sharp teeth on its surface, and used for abrading or smoothing hard surfaces.

Their energy is dissipated in moving shore drift hither and thither and in abrading the bench when they drag bottom upon it.

But as long as there are any stage roads in sight, or signs of abrading wheels, you will find no trout.

When a part was fully developed, the rubbers were cut to smaller and smaller dimensions and the abrading reduced to minute areas.

The levelling and abrading action of water on rock has an entirely different character.

The soil is formed chiefly from decomposed rocks or ledges worn down by the abrading forces of water and wind, of frost and heat.

It touched her gently, not even abrading her skin, for its fall had been stopped midway by a young man.

Cutting and engraving are mechanical processes for producing decorative effects by abrading the surface of the glass when cold.

In grinding, the abrading surfaces are brought very much closer together than in the breaking or crushing processes.

But the waves are perpetually employed in abrading and fashioning the materials already strewed over the beach.