Abrasions [noun]

Definition of Abrasions:

scraped area

Synonyms of Abrasions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abrasions:


Sentence/Example of Abrasions:

Cold cream is a useful local application to hard and dry parts of the skin, to abrasions and cracks.

In the girl, the frequent repetition of this act had given rise to abrasions and local inflammations.

When arising from rough friction or attrition, they are more commonly called abrasions.

The cords in the room and the abrasions on my wrists confirmed my story.

It was a series of wild drops, of blood-curdling escapes, of slips and recoveries, of bruises and abrasions.

A couple of abrasions, too, where those geeks grabbed you; they have hides like sandpaper.

Depression of the vital forces and local abrasions are predisposing factors.

These waters are chiefly useful in throat and lung diseases, though the baths are healing for abrasions and wounds.

The wish to spare clothes or avoid abrasions of the skin here vanished, and for dear life I grappled with the rock.

Beyond the dressings applied to a few abrasions he bore no signs of his recent battle.